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Classic Pilates Malmö is an internationally certified Pilates studio that offers a wide range of Pilates classes, personal training, sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation for long-term pain.

The instructors are internationally certified and have a solid education and many years of experience in Pilates training.


Melanie James is the owner and founder of Classic Pilates Malmö. Melanie is a certified Pilates instructor at all levels according to Power Pilates in New York, the leading instructor training in Classical Pilates

Group training mat all levels

Apparatus all levels

Pilates rehabilitation

Pilates for men

Pilates for pregnancy

Pilates for mothers after childbirth


Melanie is also trained in physiotherapy and has more than 25 years of experience in various forms of exercise:

Personal trainer strength training

Personal trainer kinesis


We know and understand why Pilates works and we believe it is the optimal form of exercise. The body changes from the trunk/Power House, i.e. from the inside out. It brings a noticeable change in posture, mobility and a sense of well-being.


Our vision
Classic Pilates Malmö will make you achieve improved health and well-being with a natural and fun workout


"You'll feel better after 10 lessons, look better after 20 lessons, and have a whole new body after 30 lessons." Joseph Pilates



"I have been diagnosed with disc herniation in the lower back. I was recommended surgery but my Physiotherapist suggested Pilates to build strength in my core to avoid surgery. Ever since, I have been hooked on Pilates as I have seen a huge difference in my body awareness, range of movement and being able to activate my core to protect my back."

Sandra Johansson

Range & Product design Leader, IKEA of Sweden

"I have lived with chronic inflammation and joint pain for many years. The training offered at Classic Pilates Malmö has been an important part in becoming free from both pain and medications."

Melissa Reimer

Creative Director


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Classic pilates

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