Firstly, be rest assured, your safety, health and well-being are always our number 1 focus. 

In these challenging times, we are working hard daily to ensure that we maintain a balance of strict health & safety measures, and accessibility to the studio to enable our members to continue train with us.

Our decisions and actions are based on the information and guidance of the Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhalsomydigheten) and the Swedish government.  

What are we doing?

We are proud to say that we already exceed the required hygiene and safety standards, and at this time, we have made additional changes in the studio to increase your safety further:

  • Reduced the number of participants in our open classes
  • Instructors wear masks in individual sessions or anytime there is close contact
  • Instructors consciously avoid hands-on corrections in open classes
  • Antibacterial gel is available immediately as you enter the studio and members should clean their hands upon arrival. Antibacterial gel is also available in our bathrooms
  • Increased our cleaning schedule of the studio
  • Our cleaning spray bottles are filled with high grade disinfectant for cleaning equipment and our cleaning towels are single use
  • We ask everyone to pay extra attention when cleaning and wiping off equipment they have used.
    (Instructors make additional checks after each class)
  • All staff who show the slightest respiratory symptoms stay home


We do our best to avoid it, however, we ask for your understanding and patience in the rare cases where classes may be cancelled at shorter notice than usual.

If any of our instructors feel unwell in any way, they will not teach a class and we will always try to have a substitute if we can.  If we have no substitute, then unfortunately we will cancel and do our best to give you as much notice as possible.


Livestreamed Classes Online

For our members with health complications who are following the self-isolation procedures, or those who are feeling vulnerable to be in public, we completely understand that you cannot come to the studio. 

We now offer live-streamed classes with our regular instructors so that our members can still train from the safety and comfort of their own home.  This also enables our members to get high quality training with our very experienced Instructors. 

These classes are not just limited to those with health complications, anyone can join at anytime and these classes are included in your membership. 

Online classes are in additional to our regular schedule (not replacing studio classes).  To learn more, see our online classes section.


What can our Members do?

Everyone can play a part in keeping the studio safe and hygienic to enable us to comply with the official guidelines.

We ask our members to follow these steps:

  • If you show any symptoms of Covid-19 or similar respiratory illness – STAY AT HOME and contact us immediately to cancel your class
  • If you have been ill with other medical issues, please wait an additional two days before visiting the studio
  • Clean your hands with the antibacterial gel upon arrival and again upon departure from the studio. Alternatively wash hands for 20 seconds before and after class
  • Bring your own water/refreshments to class and do not share with others
  • Where possible, avoid changing at the studio and come dressed for the class
  • After class, shower at home if possible
  • Use the lockers provided to store your personal items (avoiding cross contamination)
  • Where possible, cancel your classes in good time, to allow others to use the space in the class (to help with the reduced class size)



As of now, both the Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhalsomydigheten) and the Swedish government continue to promote exercise as good for physical and mental health, and as such, encourage people in Sweden to continue to exercise in a safe manner.

Everyone at Classic Pilates sincerely thanks you for continuing to train with us, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime at


More information on Covid-19 can be found here:




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